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The Structured Child

The Structured child is serious and literal. Their movement is still and exact.

They are always seeking information, asking questions and analyzing situations. 

They are:​

Keen observers



A Structured Natured child may become withdrawn, or express bold and snappy behaviour when they do not feel respected.

Give them authority over themselves. Meaning they are given the space and trusted to take care of the things that relate to them.   Socialisation will burn them out if they do not balance it with alone time.​

Structured Children will display bold, moody actions and/or isolate themselves until they feel understood and respected. Try not to embarrass them or demand action. Instead, respectfully give them space and time alone, acknowledge their maturity and competence, and ask them how they would like you to support them.​

Super Nanny Suggests:​

Respect the Structured Natured child for the wise old soul they innately are. Take them seriously and support their intellectual mind by answering their questions and ensuring information about their world is available to them.

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