"Our 6 year old son's Nature is a Structured so Jessie mentioned on her first visit they have an innate desire to do things in a systematic way, and how important routine is to them. Transitions and getting ready were always an area of conflict for us and Jessie assured us he would respond well to doing things "in order". Boy was she right! She showed us how we could incorporate structure into his routine and also into different areas in our home life. We now have a list for "what to do when getting ready for school", and “what to do when getting ready for bed”  These lists have worked AMAZINGLY well and it feels great finding things like this that help us to work with his nature not against it. He loves the responsibility of managing himself. Thanks Jessie!"  
Mandy and Joe Toll - Auckland, NZ


"My husband and I have 4 children - one of each Nature!  Home life was crazy and exhausting before a friend recommended Jessie Buttons the Super Nanny. Jessie showed us how to meet each child's needs if different ways. She also reminded me that meeting my own needs was just as important. I would recommend Jessie to any parent no matter how old  your children are." 

Natasha Hemmingworth - Sydney, Australia

"As a parent, I want my kids to thrive and Jessie has helped me learn how to encourage them according to their own God-given design. I love the added benefit that her insights have also helped strengthen my marriage at the same time."
Jody South - Cambridge, NZ
"Anyone who can help me understand my child better is worth their weight in gold! Once you figure out the personality type your child leans towards, it is fun to follow how their minds generally process things. It was such an eye opener.  Jessie helped me understand some of the frustrations in our household. Now that I understand where they are coming from, it makes it easier to step back and evaluate the situation correctly."
Paula - Cambridge, NZ