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Helping Your Structured Child Out the Door in the Morning.

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

The Structured Child:

Structured Natures need to have total authority over getting themselves ready. Reminding them all the time is seen as an insult to their abilities rather than a helpful gesture.

You can ask them how they would like you to support them in getting ready.

They will naturally follow a methodical, structured routine analysing all the details along the way right down to the perfect amount of toothpaste required for the job.

They value timeliness and have a high internal standard of how things should be. Allow them to keep a consistent and duplicatable routine, they have a high degree of mental organisation so you can be sure they will keep themselves on track.

Is your Structured child rude or dragging his feet in the mornings?

  • Think about how much input they have into the creation of their morning routine. Give them the authority by letting them know they are in charge of their own routine. The order and pace of getting ready, and that you trust that they will be ready and out the door on time.

  • Is there an authority figure at school whom they are not feeling respected by? Or a sibling that causes overwhelm?

  • Is something or someone interrupting their routine, causing them to be unable to complete things in a perfect manner? If there are changes to be made, make sure you explain these well in advance, giving them opportunities for input, and time to adjust.

  • Is there an aspect of their day that they see no value in? Structured Natured Children only give priority to things they see value in, labeling the undervalued things as ‘stupid’. Help them to see the value in different parts of their day, and how these add up to the big picture, or give them a responsibility that has an air of authority to it. Such as handling money or feeding the pets.

  • Do you feel a negative energy from your Structured child? - Think about whether they are the source of that negative energy, or a reflection of it. Structured children have a reflective quality and they can unconsciously pick up and reflect others people's moods and energies. Time alone in still reflection can help shift this.

Key words to remember are based on the highest needs of the Structured child;

Authority over their own business,

Order and routine,

Facts, and

Time alone.

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