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Jessie Buttons



Jessie Buttons, also known as The New Zealand Super Nanny, is a Teacher, Speaker and Behaviour Consultant.


Jessie trained and worked as a pre-school teacher, then traveled the world for many years working as a nanny for high-profile families.

Positioned as the nanny to many children of different ages, cultures and personalities, she witnessed a diverse range of parenting practices and daily behavioural challenges.  Her toolbox of strategies grew.


       WHO IS 

Jessie Buttons

Jessie began consulting with families in London and researching further into what parents were doing and why children were behaving the way they were.

She developed her own principles and ideas and coaches parents on HOW to respond to all the unwanted behaviour's they are seeing at home.

In 2019 Jessie published an easy to read book about the four different Natures of Children, and how best to support them.

Jessie has the experience and skills to guide parents to the solutions they need to make real changes that create lasting success and happiness for families.

"Each family situation is different, but the principles are the same. These ideas and strategies will stay with parents as their children grow, they can be easily adjusted and applied to different situations - keeping it consistent, simple an easy."

Jessie has an amazing ability to inspire and coach Parents and Nannies, helping them to come to a new level of understanding.

"I have always loved babies and toddlers, but it wasn't until I Nannied overseas that I realised how much POWER children have over their parents!
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I began consulting with Parents and helping them with their children’s behaviour in London in 2008.

I was known as the 'No Nonsense Nanny' and I used all of the 'Super Nanny's discipline techniques - from time-outs to reward charts, removing privileges and dealing out consequences.


Unfortunately, more often than not, those techniques failed to work long term. In fact, they made the behaviour worse!

I started to see the after effects of adult-imposed punishments on the children's' emotional intelligence and sense of self-worth. I realised Parents were trying to make children behave better by making them feel worse! 


Parenting Strategies Based on your child's Nature


The book came about after hours spent observing children, watching their behaviour and noticing their tendencies. I had a basic understanding of personality types so it was easy for me to see the differences across four distinct natures;


I realised each of these Natures were so different, which meant they required a different response from parents. Further research led me to find that if a change in the environment supported the nature of the child, they grew happier and more cooperative!

​I continued to test my theories and developed a set of ideas to nurture each Nature in order promote cooperation and happiness.

this being what parents wanted most.

It worked so well, and so instantly people kept pleading


Jessie, you need to write a book!

So I did.

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After you have decoded the Natures of your children - and yourself, the second step is to look at the behaviour's you find challenging.

What is it that REALLY annoys you?
What is the HARDEST part of the day?

With these behaviour's in mind, we look at the child's under-developed skills which I can assure you are causing these behaviour's. Such as:

✓ Frustration tolerance (Anger and aggression)

✓ Conflict resolution (Sibling rivalry)

✓ Handling transitions (getting out the door or off a device)

✓ Maintaining focus (Following through with instructions)

✓ Emotional regulation (Tantrums and meltdowns)

✓ Grace and courtesy skills (Manners and attitude)

✓ Saying what they need (expressing instead of manipulating)

✓ Listening (So Mumma doesn't have to yell)

✓ Appreciating how their behavior is affecting others (Seeing another's perspective)

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