People often ask me..


So what does a Super Nanny

actually do?....

I work with Families for a minimum of 6 weeks.


I show Parents how to structure home life in a way that encourages co-operation and harmony.

Together we set boundaries and discuss consequences that work.

There are in-depth discussions and learning new tips and strategies for Parents to use straight away.

​Home observations are scheduled around week two where I come and hang out, meet the kids and observe family life in action.

I like to be present around the hardest time of the day for each family - this is typically after school, dinner, or bedtimes.

At times I will also facilitate a Family Meeting.

This brings everyone together and outlines the new expectations, explaining to all members of the family how things are going to be from now on.

The children also have the opportunity to tell me how it is for them, and the things they would like to see changed.

​I have spaces available for my next intake in August, so if you've been thinking some extra guidance and wisdom is what you need right now - click the link in my bio and book in chat.

Let's get things sorted at home!

Jessie x