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Get Things Sorted at Home

Helping Families Solve Problems


WHAT DO I Actualy DO

I work with parents and Nannies
in their homes and online.

IN Home OR Online.

I have developed strategies for all of the unwanted behaviours that parents see in their children, and also some ''out of the box'' behaviours too - trust me, I've seen it all.



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FOR Parents

" Parent coaching is so powerful. 
When parents show up ready to learn and
change it's very exciting for me.
I get to see lives changing, parents smiling and children feeling good about themselves".  
A Happy Family

I began consulting with Parents and helping them with their children’s behaviour in London in 2008.

I was known as the 'No Nonsense Nanny' and I used all of the 'Super Nanny's discipline techniques - from time-outs to reward charts, removing privileges and dealing out consequences.


Unfortunately, more often than not, those techniques failed to work long term. In fact, they made the behaviour worse!

I started to see the after effects of adult-imposed punishments on the children's' emotional intelligence and sense of self-worth. I realised Parents were trying to make children behave better by making them feel worse! 

Join other parents inside my membership and get access to all of my ONLINE events & classes that teach you how to help children learn the skills they need at home:


✓ Frustration tolerance

✓ Conflict resolution (respectful debating skills) 

✓ Handling transitions 

✓ Persisting on challenging or tedious tasks

✓ Emotional regulation

✓ Grace and courtesy skills 

✓ Appreciating how their behavior is affecting others 

✓  Maintaining focus Deviating from rules or routines

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FOR Nannies

"I have always loved babies and toddlers, but it wasn't until I Nannied overseas that I realised how much POWER children have over their caregivers!

Kia ora Nannies from New Zealand and abroad


Welcome, I'm glad you’re here.

My name is Jessie Buttons - the New Zealand Super Nanny.
I help families solve problems at home.

I teach parents how to respond to challenging behaviours, and coach nannies just like you, to be a Super Nanny themselves.

I was once a Nanny for many years, and I know first-hand the challenging situations that you have to face, especially when it comes to managing behaviour (and the Parents too!)

Please join me in our weekly group coaching sessions. It’s FREE to join. WE KICK OFF AGAIN IN FEBURARY 2023 - CLICK THE LINK BELOW AND EMAIL ME IF YOUR INTERESTED.

It's interesting to hear like-minded Nannies as they discuss the challenges of caring for other people’s children!

Please note: It's confidential and just for Nannies.

I would love to know more about you, your current role, and the challenges you face.

I’m here to help give you strategies and advice.


Some of the challenges we cover are:

✓ Communicating with your employer

✓ Rude behaviour's and attitudes

✓ Sibling Rivalry

✓ Homework / Meal times / Bed times

✓ Getting Parents on the Same Page

✓ Strong Willed Kids / ADHD

✓ Listening and Following instructions

✓ Tantrums / Anger / Aggression

✓ Rules and Consequences that work

✓ Getting out the door in the morning

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