Hi, im Jessie - Welcome to my website.

You're probably a parent who is frustrated, and feeling a sense of hopelessness?

Maybe you've had enough, and you just want some harmony at home.

​Maybe you have a Nanny that needs some additional support.

Im glad you found your way here.​​

I am a Parent coach and Nanny trainer.

My passion is helping with unwanted behaviour at home.

So what do I actually do? 

I work with parents and Nannies in their homes and online.

I have developed strategies for all of the unwanted behaviours that parents see in their children, and also some ''out of the box'' behaviours too - trust me, I've seen it all.

So, you've come this far - let's jump on a call and see if your family is a good fit for what I offer.


I'm ready for you.

Click HERE and find a time that suits you, or flick me an email at thenzsupernanny@gmail.com.

Find out more.