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The Strong Natured Child

The Strong Natured child is self assured and forward in movement. 

They are always on the lookout for action or to get a reaction.

They are:

Active and reactive

Determined and competitive​

A Strong Natured child will display reactive behaviour if the environment is too restricting or if they haven't had enough physical activity. If they do not feel challenged in their day to day opportunities and activities they will challenge their siblings or parents.​

Strong Natured children will push and push until they feel they are moving things forwards and getting a result. They demand a high level of control.

Try not to stop their swift forward movement. Instead, redirect their movement forwards onto a task they can have control of.​

Super Nanny Suggests:​

Give the Strong Natured child control over as many things in their world as possible.Ensure they are always challenged at school or through a sporting activity.Make daily chores and transitions a competition to get them engaged. For example, race them to the dinner table or challenge them on who can pick up the most toys the fastest.​

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