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The Social Natured Child

The Social Natured child is cute and cheeky.

They are motivated by fun and interacting with others.

They are:​​

Fun-loving, random, playful, cheeky, and creative.

Always on the lookout for fun.

Social Natured children may act out when they are isolated from people and positive interactions. They will lash out if they are required to sit and focus for too long, or if there is conflict in the home.​Social children often display unwanted silly actions in order to lighten the mood or initiate interaction.  Refrain from disciplining them for just being themselves. Commands such as 'stop being silly' or 'grow up' will only alter their sense of self and result in worse behaviour.

Instead, kindly remind them of the standard of behaviour you expect and that there is plenty of time for fun and games later.​

Super Nanny Suggests:​

Lighten up any heaviness that they may have in their world. Have some fun! Take time to laugh together, and you will see their behaviour change.

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