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The Sensitive Natured Child

The Sensitive Natured child is caring and quiet.​

Their movement is soft and gentle and they are motivated by peace and being comfortable. 

They are:​

Intuitive and questioning

Cuddly, sweet and nurturing​

The Sensitive Natured child will appear whiny or tearful when they are uncomfortable. This can happen if their environment is too overwhelming.​

They also will feel deeply concerned for anyone who seems uncomfortable.

Their big feelings can take over and show up as hypersensitivity or anxiety, and often shows up as a sore stomach.​

Sensitive children will exhibit needy actions, or appear to be the victim in order to feel connected or gain some form of comfort. Dismissing their feelings or talking them out of their feelings. For example; telling them they are fine, it’s no big deal or harden up will only result in more needy behaviour.​ Instead, calmly validate their feelings and remind them of the best way to communicate those feelings.​

Super Nanny Suggests:​

Provide a safe quiet space where the Sensitive child can regroup and process the days emotions.​Touch is very important as is information about what is happening - next week and next month.  A weekly visual planner will instantly put them at ease.

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