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Im Unsure What Nature My Child Is

How can you identify a child’s dominant nature?

Look at their movement and expressions.

Do they normally express high and loud movement (Social and Strong) or low and quiet movement (Sensitive and Structured)?

If you’re not sure which nature best describes your child, they may be experiencing one of the following scenarios:

a) They could be living in their second nature

This happens when it’s not safe to be in their primary nature. An unsafe feeling can arise for children when they get the message that who they truly are is not recognised, valued, and appreciated. So, they feel safer being someone else. Many adults are still living in their second nature.

b) They could have been moulded into a different nature

This can happen if a child lives in an environment where another nature is dominant. For example, a Social child living with Structured parents may begin to behave in a structured way from a desire to make the parents happy.

c) They could be acting all the natures out

This means they are most likely a Social nature. Social children have the ability to jump into the role of a different character easily. That’s why Socials make great actors! They often think that being like others makes them fit in when really, they were born to stand out.

If you would like help decoding your child's Nature, send photos and a description to

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