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Your Child's Gifts - based on their Nature

Do you often look at your child and think... You were born to do this!?

Do you see them light up when performing a task that you find mundane?

There are many opportunities in the home for your child to use their innate gifts and strengths.

When given these opportunities they feel so good!

Here are some examples:

The gifts of a SOCIAL Nature fall around these keywords:

Fun and Novelty.

· Gift shopping

· Surprises

· Being in charge of a fun game

· Inviting people to a party

· Decorating or creative jobs

The gifts of the STRONG Nature fall around these keywords:

Action and Leadership.

· Dishing out desert

· Mowing the lawns

· Being in charge of a competitive game

· Caring for younger people

· Showing others how things work

The gifts of the SENSITIVE Nature fall around these keywords:

Nurturing and Planning.

· Menu Planning

· Event Planning

· Creating a Visual Schedule of the day

· Serving others

· Caring for pets or plants

The gifts of the STRUCTURED Nature fall around these keywords:

Details and Perfecting.

· Finding out the facts

· Designing the home (interior and garden)

· Taking notes at the Family Meeting

· Giving their advice in a matter they know about

· Explaining to others how things work

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