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Mother - A Keeper Of The Home

Every year in May we have the opportunity to honour the Mothers’ of our families.

Gifts are wrapped and flowers are brought.

On a Sunday morning the kitchen is alive, busy with whispers and scurry.

A special breakfast presented in bed, with a homemade card standing tall,

You stay there Mum we’ll do it all.”

But what does each Mum really want? What does she need?

The role of a mother often see’s her own needs pushed to the side until all is done and everything is quiet. Ignoring these needs can make Mothers feel unbalanced and tired.

In general, sleep and exercise are top of the pops when it comes to prioritizing self care, closely followed by diet. But there are also other needs that are just as important.

These needs are in relation to the four different Natures:

The Social Natured Mum Needs: High Movement and Social Interaction
The Strong Natured Mum Needs: Results (time to tick something off her list)
The Sensitive Natured Mum Needs: Comfort and Meaningful interactions
The Structured Natured Mum Needs: Time alone in a Tidy home

Here are some ideas for self care:


  • Walking in a natural setting whilst listening to music,

  • A place to calm the mind and a notepad for ideas,

  • Energized by interaction such as a dance or hobby group, and

  • Exercising with a friend.


  • Take a break from being in charge of others, complete tasks - tick some boxes,

  • Automate daily routines or work spaces to make them more efficient,

  • A therapeutic hands on hobby such as gardening or cooking, and

  • Make a list of quickly attainable goals and achieve them.


  • Read a book in the bath or listen to a podcast,

  • Create a cosy environment that puts your mind and body at ease;

  • Time alone in nature - Journal thoughts and feelings, and

  • Conversations or a vent with a good friend who is a great listener.


  • A break from social responsibilities,

  • Play a solo game such as Solitaire or Two Dots online,

  • Tune out from noise and read a book

  • Focus on profound ideas or beauty

To decode your own Nature go to

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