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Left To Their Own Devices

An over use of Screen Time often leaves kids feeling irritable and impulsive.

If SOCIAL children have too much screen time they miss out on socialising and movement, two of their highest needs. Social interaction helps them develop their sense of self and what others expect from them. Real world experience is an important part of forming their own identity, and every minute spent in front of a screen will reduce these opportunities.

Screens and gaming are appealing to the STRONG Natured child due to their competitive nature and the challenge of winning or reaching a new level.

However, sedentary activities often take them away from having the opportunity to express their energy physically, which is the highest need for this nature. This may, in turn, produce feelings of pent-up energy and frustration that can explode into anger and aggressive outbursts. This imbalance is likely to produce feelings of irritability and impulsiveness. They may compensate for this lack of physicality when they are inside, by taking on their siblings with their pent-up energy.

To much screen time for SENSITIVE children often means there will be less time for meaningful interactions. Close connection and face-to-face interaction helps them develop their sense of worth. They must have reassurance and comfort, which is only provided through the nurturing care of a parent.

If they don’t get the much needed and valuable one-on-one time with either or both parents due to screen time taking precedence, they will become anxious, hyper-sensitive and whiny. What they are looking for is a connection to feel safe in their environment.

If there are too many screens or digital devices in the STRUCTURED child’s environment, it will reduce the time he or she needs to be alone with their thoughts, causing an imbalance in their ability to process emotions and focus deeply. This may, in turn, delay development and produce feelings of anxiety as they haven’t had the time to process what is going on and prepare themselves mentally.

Depending on their Nature you can help them transition back to reality by offering the following


SOCIAL NATURED KIDS need interactive movement and fun - get them laughing!


STRONG NATURED KIDS need forward physical movement - the more challenging the better!


SENSITIVE NATURED KIDS need personal connection and time with you - make a list or a plan together!


STRUCTURED NATURED KIDS need space and time alone to regroup - let them know your available if they need anything


Not sure which Nature your child leads with?

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