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Helping Your Strong Natured Child Out the Door in the Morning

Heading back to school and getting into the groove of a morning routine can look different for each child.

If you are unsure which of the 4 Natures your child leads with, click here.

Here are a few tips specifically to help support you in parenting a Strong Natured child, and make school mornings easier.

The Strong Natured Child:

Strong Natured Children want to be up and moving forward into their day as soon as physically possible. They are very independent and capable. Older strong natured Children will easily be able to multitask several different things in the morning as they will want to get things done and get moving.

Are you experiencing a reactive, push back feeling of resistance from them in the mornings?

  • Consider where in their morning pursuit are they feeling stopped or shut down. Remember they like to be always moving forward.

  • Many parents have different expectations for how the morning should look and what's important to parents may not be important to a Strong Natured Child. Have a discussion about these things and come to a compromise.

  • Find some easy breakfast options for these fast paced movers, as having to stop and eat seems very impractical to them.

  • They will thrive on a quick easy routine. One mother once told me she holds her Son's shirt ready and says "Run into your shirt!" Others have been known to change into the days clothes the night before to save time!

  • Options for outside activities are a great idea for once they are ready so that they are kept moving forward and active, whilst they wait for the rest of the family to get ready.

  • Reward charts work well for Strong Natured Children. Consider a family discussion at the end of each week giving recognition to their achievements.

  • Younger children will respond well to being involved in the morning duties, let them get their hands on things and assist you in getting things done.

  • The competitive tendencies of a Strong Natured Child will respond to any challenge especially those containing the words “Wanna race?” or “ I bet you can’t…”

Key words to remember are the Strong Natures highest needs. Control, Action, Challenges and Forward movement.

For more Parenting Strategies based on your Childs Nature; buy the amazon best seller - The Nature of Children, by Jessie Buttons.

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