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Helping Your Sensitive Natured Child Out the Door in the Morning.

Heading back to school and getting into the groove of a morning routine can look different for each child.

The Sensitive Child:

The slow steady Sensitive child may require a bit more sleep, and are generally a lot slower to rise and wake up in the mornings.

They move through their morning routine with grace, asking questions and gathering details, sticking to the plan at hand.

They prefer not to be rushed out the door, so replace the phrase ‘Hurry up!’ with ‘I’m ready when you are’ or ‘How can I help?’

Is your Sensitive Child whiny and/or grizzly in the mornings? Here are a few tips specifically to help support you in parenting a Sensitive Natured child, and make school mornings easier.

  • They may like to spend some time snuggling in the morning, so make time in the routine for this, or create other comfortable moments or spaces during their routine.

  • Predictability and planning is key for Sensitives. A calendar of events in their room or a common area works well, and be sure to follow through on plans!

  • Talk about the schedule of the day and offer emotional support for any feelings they have about up and coming events. Be careful not to dismiss the details that matter to them, they have many questions and truly believe they need the answers to all of them. You can refer them to other sources to find their answers if their questioning becomes overwhelming.

  • Sensitive Natures like to be comfortable at all times and this includes their clothing (remove scratchy labels, and loosen tight waist bands)

  • Touch is important to Sensitives, they like to be held and comforted, or to sit right next to you. This is how they feel comfortable connecting with you and will continue to have this tendency as they grow. Create opportunities in the mornings for this need.

Key words to remember are based on the Sensitive highest needs;



Details of their day, and

Face time with a parent.

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