All behaviour is a form of communication, yet most parenting books focus on modifying children’s behaviour without being mindful as to why children behave the way they do. 


In THE NATURE OF CHILDREN, Jessie Buttons - The New Zealand Super Nanny, invites readers to a practical and smart way of parenting, through decoding their child’s Nature and responding to it. 


Ms Buttons has modernized an age-old, well researched premise that we are born with preferences and tendencies that align with one of four different Natures:  Social, Strong, Sensitive or Structured. 


Drawing on her 20 years of nannying experience in numerous countries, she has discovered why children behave the way they do, and what parents can do at home to foster self-worth and improve co-operation.


Ms Button’s highlights the fascinating link between children’s unmet needs and the unwanted behaviours parents are seeing.  This book provides easy strategies for common challenging behaviours, such as: anxiety, mood swings, inability to focus, sibling rivalry, stubbornness, bedtime battles, anger, whining, and much more.

After you read THE NATURE OF CHILDREN you will be equipped with solutions for Harmony in the Home.


BOOK: The Nature of Children (Signed)

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