Initial Phone Consult

Let’s chat and see what type of support might suit your situation.

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Partner with us

​If you have a passion for creating Harmony in the Home then let’s chat!

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Single Consult

Online Face to Face $350 Per Session

This is for Parents who have got most things sorted but would like some advice on an aspect of parenting, or a certain part of the day you are currently struggling with.


During this 1 -2 hour phone or online zoom call I will help you determine;

  • Why you are seeing certain behaviours, and

  • What action you need to take.

A follow up call is also included.


Group Sessions with the NZ Super Nanny

$40 per person per session*

Gather together with friends and book in for a group session with Jessie Buttons. 

Session 1:

An introduction to the 4 Natures of children and what they each need.

2 hours including Q and A's. 

Session 2:

Responding to unwanted behaviour.

Sibling rivalry, tantrums, back chat, non-compliance.

2 hours including Q and A's. 

*This service excludes travel costs @ .75c per km

Find out when I'm in your area


One-off In Home Consultation


This service is face to face and normally takes 2-3 hours.

​During this time, we will:

  • discuss the needs of the whole family,

  • determine the Natures of your child/ren,

  • discuss why you might be seeing certain behaviour’s, and

  • what actions you will need to take.

This service includes resources and a follow up session online or over the phone.


We can also trouble shoot methods that are not working, different parenting styles, coach you through new parenting practices and give you scripts for responding to challenging behaviours.


We will also discuss the hardest parts of the day such as, bedtimes, mealtimes, school drop off etc and come up with a step by step plan of what to do.

This service excludes travel costs.

Children do not necessarily need to be present.


The NZ Super Nanny Program

$1200 4 Weeks of Support

1 In-Home Session and 3 Online

This 4-week package covers the needs of the whole family;

  • Unity and Belonging

  • House hold Systems and Organisation

  • Teaching Skills

  • Relationships and Self Care

  • Family Resource Box


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