Kia ora Nannies from within New Zealand and abroad. - Welcome, I'm glad your here.

My name is Jessie Buttons - the New Zealand Super Nanny. 

I help families solve problems at home.

I teach parents how to respond to challenging behaviours, and coach nannies just like you, to be a Super Nanny themselves. 

I was once a Nanny for many years, and I know first hand the challenging situations that Nannies have to face, especially when it comes to managing behaviour (and Parents too!)

Please join me in our weekly group coaching sessions.

It's interesting to hear like minded Nannies as they discuss the challenges of caring for other peoples children!

Please note: It's confidential and just for Nannies.

I would love to know more about you, your current role, and the challenges you face.


Im here to help give you strategies and advice. 

Please apply here.

Weekly Group Coaching Link