Hi, im Jessie - Welcome to my website.

You're probably a parent who is feeling a sense of hopelessness?

Maybe you've had enough, and you just want some harmony at home...

Im glad you found your way here.

Who is Jessie Buttons? Click HERE for a short video

I am a parent coach. My passion is helping parents with unwanted behaviour at home.

So what do I actually do? 

I work with parents in their homes and online.

I have developed strategies for all of the unwanted behaviours that parents see in their children, and also some ''out of the box'' behaviours too - trust me, ive seen it all :) 

So, you've come this far - let's jump on a call and see if your family is a good fit for what I offer.  I'm ready for you.

Click HERE and find a time that suits you, or flick me an email at thenzsupernanny@gmail.com.

Below is an outline of what I offer.

The NZ Super Nanny Program - 6 Weeks to Harmony in the Home


The NZ Super Nanny Program combines all my favorite systems and strategies to straighten things out at home.

It gives parents a fresh start and empowers them to respond to unwanted behaviors in a way that will encourage siblings to listen and cooperate. 


The program is delivered by me (Jessie Buttons) and consists of in-home visits (2-3 hour Observations) and/or live coaching sessions online.


My programs are individually designed to cover the aspects of parenting and home life that are challenging for YOUR unique situation. My work and teachings are based around the 4 Natures of children. 

When you discover which one of the four Natures your child leads with, you will have the insight needed to support them.


Here is an example of what our current families are working through:


Decode Natures of Kids and meet their highest needs

·     Getting Parents on the same page

·     Household Organisation

·     Chores / Homework / Screens

·     Existing Challenges

·     Family Goals and Values


Facilitate a Family Meeting

·     Question Jar

·     Pocket Money

·     Family Connection



·     Sibling Rivalry

·     Emotional Regulation and Tantrums

·     The L.O.V.E Response

·     Role Play then Role Model

·    Tips and tricks

·    Teaching kids to listen activity



·     Stress management - supporting each other

·     Mum's night off

·     Parents Natures and needs

·     Support supplements and medications



·     Consequences and Cheat Sheets

·     Self Esteem Programme

·     Getting kids to cooperate  

·     Dodging Darts and other power tactics

 Im interested to learn more.

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